Health & Food Post: Easy-to-replicate, Alcohol free mocktails from Dubai’s finest bars + DIY tricks and secrets

A morning pick-me-up-and-liven-my-senses is craved by most, but too often we gulp down some coffee and maybe hastily chomp on a banana. Its easy to fall into a monotonous rut when you have a schedule that’s packed to the ceiling, leaving you little time to do anything. But what if that could be changed with one button? Literally!

Below are 7 great tasting mocktails created by Dubai’s best mixologists, these are often served at their restaurants, which coupled with their ambiance is the perfect relaxation spot. However, should you want to replicate this at home, feel free to toss these ingredients in the blender …. and watch magic happen.

Those that have met me know that I always promote a healthy lifestyle, that is easy to adapt to! I’m guessing it comes as no surprise that I’m encouraging you to dive into these and swim to a lifestyle that celebrates you, work comes & goes but health is a priceless privilege. So let’s get to it.

Royal China’s Red Dragon: For a punchy fruity mix, blend together some ooey gooey raspberries, fresh passion fruit, tangy lemon juice and hydrating cranberry juice. Pour into a glass, and take a SIP! Guaranteed, you’ll fall in love.

Location: The Balcony, Precinct Building 4, DIFC                                        Contact: 04 354 5543

Ruth’s Chris’ Soul Mate: Bring together a delectable blend of bright orange carrots, sweet pineapple, ripe passion fruit and creamy yoghurt. Rich in vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene, this concoction is sweet, healthy and gives you the early morning zinger.

Location: The Address Dubai Marina                                                                 Contact: 04 454 9538

Iris Dubai’s Afterglow: For that extra caffeine like kick, get your sour green apples, tangy lemon juice and vanilla syrup, a perfect mix of sweet and sour!

Location: The Oberoi Dubai                                                                         Contact: 056 951 1442

Salamar’s Havana Dream: Made entirely from fresh fruits – banana, crisp strawberries, sweet cold orange juice, pineapple juice and a dash of grenadine syrup. Get blending and pour yourself a glass. Take one for your boss as well and watch how he approves your leave!

Location: Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai Marina                     Contact: 04 408 4208

Sho Cho’s Mocktail Mojito: Bringing together fresh lime and mint, yummy mango puree and crunchy pomegranate. This juice will take you to Hawaii and back!

Location: Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah                               Contact: 04 346 1111

Deck Se7en’s Basilesque: This blend of apple juice, basil leaves, lemon juice and sugar is a light refresher. Perfect for people that don’t want anything too thick or creamy.

Rendezvous With V Tip: Substitute the sugar with honey or even dates! 

Location: Novotel Dubai, Al Barsha                                                          Contact: 04 304 9000

Societe Dubai’s French Mocktail: This is the epitome of sophistication, a vanilla-flavoured drink with fresh smooth cranberry juice, tangy pineapple juice and hydrating raspberries.

Location: Marina Byblos Hotel, Dubai Marina                                               Contact: 050 357 1126

Send in pictures of your delicious preparations below. We will soon be expanding the rewards for our readers, so the more active you are, the better your chance at becoming a part of the ‘Elite Rendezvous With V Clique’ – each member will be given exclusive invites, passes, giveaways and other privileges. So get posting!

Until we rendezvous again,

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6 thoughts on “Health & Food Post: Easy-to-replicate, Alcohol free mocktails from Dubai’s finest bars + DIY tricks and secrets

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    1. Thank you for kind words, I’m glad you decided to stop by my page. I’m always open to new collaborations, so if you’d like for us to work together on a project feel free to let me know. Will put you on our emailing list so you can get the latest in your inbox.

    1. Yay! You just put a huge smile on my face with that comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, another article I wrote that may be of interest is on combating health problems: If you get a chance to explore some of them, then do share your pictures/experience … we’d love to hear it. Will put you on our emailing list as well so you can get the latest from us in your inbox.

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